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The "clover" routes

Several routes available


Starting from the hotel
Route 1: Grendelbruch "Guirbaden Ruins"
Route 2: Heidenkopf "Panoramic view and Celtic relics”
Route 3: Rosheim “Wine route”
Route 4: Mont Sainte-Odile “Pilgrimage site and panoramic view”
Extra options: Picnic: €18 + drinks per person/ Visit of Mont Sainte-Odile with lunch/outing accompanied by a guide from the ONF (National Forestry Office)/inn lunch/cellar visit and tasting session/prices on request. Morning of gathering wild herbs, fruit or mushrooms depending on the season, and a beginners' lesson of cooking with herbs: €28 per person when included as part of your hotel stay (three people minimum).
25.000° Club Vosgien map available.

 18 €